Born in Denmark, currently live in Sweden.

I'm a curious being with many different and diverse interests. I enjoy discovering new disciplines and connections in seemingly incompatible contexts. I have a playful and inquisitive technique, and I constantly try to challenge my comprehension of a given subject.

Thus, I have worked with Theatre, Film, Performance, Web Design and Video Games.

Project Details

Kinisia, ThroughLine Games 2018-2020

Creative Director

Kinisia is a VR-project collaboration with the Copenhagen Philharmoc Orchstra, for schools and Experimentarium in Copenhagen.

Forgotton Anne, ThroughLine Games 2016-2018

Lead Game Designer

Lykkens Paradoks, Cantabile 2 2014


Honors & Awards

Game of the Year - Forgotton Anne

Spilprisen 2019

Best Debut - Forgotton Anne

Spilprisen 2019

Best Narrative - Forgotton Anne

BIG Festival 2019

Valdemar Schultz Andreasen

fauxvaldemar [at]



Game Design

Level Design

Narrative Design

Creative Writing


Unity 3D


Web Design




Lectures / Teaching

Game Scope Festival, 2018

J-Popcon, 2018

Fantasyfestival, 2018

Future Classroom, 2018

Dansk Forfatterforening, 2017

Dansk Filosofisk Selskab 2016

Vallekilde Højskole, 2013-2015

Kasernen, Aarhus, 2011

ITU, Copenhagen, 2010