Scenarios and Writing Examples

For the game Forgotton Anne

As Lead Game Designer on Forgotton Anne, there were many different tasks at hand. Among them was the Narrative / Scenario Design of the different situations you meet in the game. This video showcases a collection of scenarios, design/dialogue-trees and examples of my writing.

Puzzles And Level Design Examples

For the game Forgotton Anne

This is a showcase of the types of puzzles and Level Designs I created for Forgotton Anne.

Creative Direction

Kinisia is a VR-project collaboration between ThroughLine Games and CPH Philharmoic for schools and Experimentarium in Copenhagen.

I was the Creative Director on this project, spanning the tasks of conceptualizing the experience and further into game design, in deep collaboration with composer Peter Due on the score to reflect the desired interactivity. Various rounds of fundraising. Project Management, SCRUM/Task-planning for team. Collaborating with various partners, including the recording of CPH Phil for our adaptive and spatialized score for the game. 

Pixel Being Playthrough

A playthrough of the game I created for my Master's Thesis, Glass Bead Video Game.

The game was programmed in Flash Actionscript / Flixel in 2013 and it can be played here : www.pixel-being.com.